– Can I scrub your back? – She asked through the bathroom door. He thought he did not hear her because the water flowed, and there was no response. But then he opened the door and she quickly slipped inside. It was a long white shirt that bat anywhere from water and outlined her breasts. … Read more

– Hi – Stone smiled. His work had taught him that when you do not know what to do, it is best just to be nice. However, the man does not seem to be very touched by his politeness. View it as watching a fly that hangs around your lunch. Stone apparently waiting to be … Read more

Ada took a sip of whiskey and closed his eyes briefly. He was sitting on the couch, still naked. Stone came out of the bathroom, fully dressed. – Bye! – She said. He looked at her in surprise. – Will not you ask me what’s going on with the presentation? Ada laughed. – You do … Read more